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You will not lose or leave your phone in a car, taxi, bus, train, plane or restaurant.

Let Bungee CPS, deal successfully with the inconvenience of phone repairs by choosing our secure cell phone straps. These cell phone accessories efficiently protect smartphones from theft, loss and damage while on vacation.

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On average, people check their cell phone 150 times a day.

Take advantage of saving your peace of mind with our trendy mobile device straps that also offer smart alternatives for commercial applications. Our cell phone straps are clever devices to use for the following: 

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Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

For mobile device resellers, we supply cost-efficient wholesale phone straps in bulk purchasing and Personalized engraving. Your Full Service Partner from Design to Delivery.

Current Design Is For Blackberry and Samsung Cell Phones

FYI from your Global Business Compliance Department: You are exporting corporate information when you travel out of the country with your cell phone if it contains any corporate names, phone numbers or photos. Companies must have Corporate Export Compliance with commercial export regulatory controls. So employees are required and responsible for securing all exports including information on there cell phone.

Help your employees secure there smartphones.