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Bungee Cell Phone Strap
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We offer truly feasible deals for wholesale phone accessories. We offer bulk order price options that include arrangements for personalized engraving services.

Product and Ordering Details 

At our store, all cell phone strap product purchases are supported by our risk-free guarantee. Such purchases require lead times of two to four weeks upon the placement of orders.

Product Specifications

• Heavy-Duty Nylon Bungee
• Can Stretch Over 40 Inches
• Four Secure Wearable Positions
• One-Inch Round Rings
• Length-Adjustable
• Quick-Release Detachable
• Lanyard with Plate

Bulk Order Prices

Quantity Regular Price
100 $22 each
300 $19 each
500 $17 each
1,000 $15 each
+$19.00 Setup Charge

Laser Engraving 

Bungee Cell Phone Strap also offers laser engraving services suitable for customized branding projects for trade shows, awards, and large-scale product packages. We make sure that your logos and designs are carried out well into the engraved items. The products and services we offer help companies, organizations, clubs, and the like get safe and secure cell phone accessories. 

Attachment Procedure Options

For an easier way to attach cell phone straps to your mobile device, find a convenient area on the front of your cell phone case to loop the connector or, Punch one or two holes in the back of your cell phone case by using a 1/16-inch scrap booking hand punch to create holes and install the connector. With cases that have a rubber insert, you can punch one hole and connect. For quicker attachment, place a 1/2-inch rubber band around your phone and attach to rubber band. 

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